Each Wednesday, I host a live one-hour session to demo the strategies and techniques for making people pay attention (and purchase!) your big idea. And it’s totally free.

Here’s how The Standpoint works:

1) Watch me demo a piece of business or marketing content live.
I’ll show you how to write copy, build campaigns or grow your business using an exercise from the most recent issue of The Stack, The Stylish Standout’s signature digital product.

2) Ask questions about how the demo relates to your brand or business.
The demos will move at a fast pace. That’s for two reasons: A) I don’t want to waste your time and B) the quicker I finish the presentation, the more time you have for questions.

3) Put it into action.
You’ll be able to immediately implement what you learned into your marketing strategy, campaigns and product development. Less time Googling the answers, more time building your brand.

Coming Soon

Each content type your business uses to communicate with your audience requires a specific tone. From blog posts and email newsletters to marketing campaigns and social media promotion, it’s not just what you say but how you say it.

Should you use humorous or straightforward approach? How do you showcase your big idea without coming off as too salesy? The answer lies where your brand’s personality and content’s tone intersect.

I’m sharing the secrets to striking that elusive balance in this week’s The Standpoint.  See in you soon!

Can’t make it live?

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