You already have a website, but it’s not converting as many visitors into very-happy customers as you’d like.

Because it’s no longer enough to just have a good idea, ambition and smarts. To stand out in a competitive sea of sameness, a brand can’t simply be seen—it has to be heard too.

And your business can only go so far with logos, symbols and design. You need a message. You need a point of view. You need a story. One that puts your customer at the center.

Easier said than done, right?

Until now.

Your site is where all the magic happens. So let’s optimize it so your customers have more out-of-this-world moments.

I’ve spent my entire career bridging the gap between customers’ problems and the brands that solve them. It starts with an eclectic mix of editorial expertise, instincts, and consumer and competitive research. The result is fresh, compelling marketing content and campaigns that makes your audience love your brand as much as you do.

As your creative marketing partner, you can count on me to:

  • Get to know your target audience—their struggles, passions, aspirations and habits

  • Translate your product or service’s awesomeness into real-life, easy-to-understand solutions that make your prospects’ lives better

  • Create branded messaging to turn casual visitors into very-happy customers

  • Recommend storytelling techniques so your copy always feels like a conversation not a sales pitch

Who It’s For:

  • Influencers, entrepreneurs and marketers with brands at an inflection point—your business is growing from a start-up to a Standout.

  • Creatives with difference-making ideas but no plan to increase visibility, desirability and sales

  • Side-hustlers who can’t afford to waste time and money on trial and error

  • Resource-strapped executives who could benefit from an experienced customer-centered copywriter and strategist.

What You Get:
I’ll perform an in-depth analysis of your site and provide you with:

  • Optimized Site Copy / Customer-centered content for one main section of your site.
  • Branded Copy Process and Workflow / A streamlined content creation system that promotes efficiency without putting your business in a straightjacket.
  • Tone of Voice Guidelines / A deep-dive into the difference between tone and voice and how they both apply to your brand’s messaging.
  • Customer Experience Map / A detailed breakdown of what to say to your customers at each touchpoint in your buyer journey to aid conversion and retention.
  • Training and Development Tools / Guidance on how your staff can translate the brand to internal and external stakeholders

How much it costs:
The Say It WIth Your Words package is currently $997.

What’s next?
Get in touch and we’ll get payment taken care of. Then I’ll send you a few questions to get to know your brand a little better. Then I’m off to work. :)