Ever wish you could borrow an expert to craft irresistible marketing copy like you can designer clothes, movies, or technology? Wish no more thanks to Rent a Copywriter. I’ll research, write and edit crisp, clear content so it aligns with your business goals and fits in with the rest of your brand. It’s seriously that easy. Scroll down to choose your page(s).


Welcome! (aka the "Homepage")
Your homepage is often your first chance to make a lasting impression. I’ll write the page from your visitors’ point of view and create an experience that invites them to browse around your site’s other pages to see why you’re a Standout.

Who We Are (aka the "About" page)
Just gonna be real here: Most about pages and bios are, well, boring. They’re self-serving snoozefests that often leave people with more questions than they came with. But your page will be infused with personality and purpose to inspire trust from your target audience.

What We Do (aka the "Products and Services" page)
From a summary of your signature product or service to a breakdown of how it’ll benefit your audience, this page is a non-negotiable for online businesses. Your page will prime prospects to move from observer to obsessive once they get a glimpse of what you’re offering.

Who We Help (aka the "Target Audience" page)
No business can be everything to everyone. And you don’t have to be. Once you’ve identified your target audience, I’ll write a page to capture your target audience’s attention and encourage them to explore how your products and services can solve their problems.

How It Works (aka the "Process" page)
This page is designed to show shoppers and prospective clients how your process (if you run a service-based business) or features (if you’re a product-focused company) is different from your competitors. These details can be included in the What We Do page or a standalone.

The Fine Print (aka the "Terms and Policies" page) 
There should be no surprises when a customer books your service or buys your products. Straightforward policies and terms of service make sure that happens. Whether it’s shipping or your return policy or the forms of payment you accept, I’ll translate it into something customers can quickly understand.

Asked and Answered (aka the "Frequently Asked Questions" page)
Not only an asset to your site’s readers, but your frequently asked questions page is an indispensable productivity tool too. It answers common inquiries that could keep a visitor from taking the next step with your business. This page includes up to 10 questions and is optimized for your business and industry.


Sales pages
Whether you offer a service or product, it deserves a distraction-free space to shine. That’s where an expertly crafted sales page comes in. It may be called a “sales page,” but I know the techniques and strategies to help you sell without selling out. (A Video Sales Letter script can be swapped instead of a written version.)

Email Newsletters
A well-crafted newsletter is the foundation of a email marketing strategy. It’s a non-intrusive way to share updates, product launches and promotions with the most devoted peeps in your community. I’ll optimize your email newsletter to increase awareness, drive sales and inspire word-of-mouth advertising so you get a positive return on your investment.

Email Campaigns
Profitable businesses nurture their prospects into customers. And few methods are better for nurturing than a sophisticated email campaign. From educational messages that explain how your product or service can solve one of your audience’s nagging problems to offers sprinkled with techniques like scarcity and urgency, I’ll create a campaign that’s sure to convert.

Social Media Campaigns
The best brands meet their readers where they are. And it’s a no-brainer: Your audience is tweeting, snapping, posting and sharing on the leading social platforms. You don’t want to add to the noise though. Instead, you want to cut through the clutter with valuable, entertaining content that builds awareness, drives traffic, inspires loyalty and increases conversions.


Think of blog posts as the swiss army knife of your content strategy. Your business can use blogging to do any or all of the following:

  • Announce new products and services

  • Position your brand as an expert by sharing solutions to common problems

  • Educate potential buyers on your offer’s features and benefits in an in-depth, non-salesy way

  • Show a behind-the-scenes glimpse of you and your team making magic

  • Promote your company’s mission and values

Plus, blogging is an organic way to increase your rankings on search engines so more people can find you.

The Stylish Standout offers three packages based on the amount of content you’ll need each week:

One (1) 500-word to 800-word article or Two (2) 1000- to 1200-word articles per week

Two (2) 1000-word to 1200-word articles per week

Three (3) 1000-word to 1200-word articles per week

NOTE: Each Blogging package requires a three-month minimum contract.

What does a copywriter do?

Copywriters help businesses drive traffic and sales, communicate brand values and increase brand awareness. In a crowded, tech-driven, digitally connected market, businesses hire copywriters to shape their brand voice into marketing messages that connect with their audience and inspire action.

What does The Stylish Standout specialize in?

The Stylish Standout partners with lifestyle and e-commerce brands in the fashion, beauty, wellness, luxury, tech industries to create messaging and content that converts casual visitors to very-happy customers. My clients range from scrappy start-ups to renowned corporations. 

I already know how to write. Why does my brand need a copywriter?

Copywriters spend hours researching your product and service, audience and competition to craft compelling messages that entice readers pay attention to what you brand has to offer.

There’s more to it than just writing. Before I ever start typing a sentence of copy, I’ve gotten to know your buyer personas, discovered their stage of awareness, positioned your message to move them down your sales funnel and referenced my swipe file for inspiration. (Who has time for all that marketing jargon?! Spoiler alert: Not you.)

If you don’t know what to look for or which techniques to use, the process could take months to get right. Why take the stairs when you can ride the elevator?

But I’m on a tight budget. Can I really afford a copywriter right now?

Your brand’s voice is your online salesperson. And if your business is unable to translate that verbal identity into a copy that connects with your audience, you’re going to be sinking in quicksand while your competitors are racing towards higher revenues and positive market sentiment.

I don’t say that to make you want to hire me.

Because as a entrepreneur, I know a thing or two about tight budgets. But I also make a lot of investments in software, talent and professional development that makes me a better businessman and practitioner. And as a result, I’m able to attract quality clients, work efficiently and produce a quality finished product both my partners and I are proud of.

Moral of the story? It’s always worth it to invest in whatever it takes to help you reach your business goals. If fine-tuning your company’s focus, finding your brand’s voice and telling irresistible stories is one of them, then I’m worth every dollar you pay me.

What if I manage a big team?

One of my favorite parts of working in fashion media was the collaborative aspect of magazines. From fashion editors and fact-checkers to photographers and stylists to copy editors and designers, it’s a team effort to bring just one story to reality.

So it’s exciting when I get to work with teams on projects. My services and processes are optimized to make partnering with members of your team to craft inspiring, on-brand content a seamless experience for your business.

I just did a “copywriter” Google search and got hundreds of results. Why should I hire you?

I’m a big-picture thinker and first-rate writer, who as a former boss says, “knows how to get into the consumer’s head and be creative from that perspective.”

And thanks to my magazine background, I’m unfazed by deadline pressure, but my attention to detail isn’t compromised by a ticking clock. You get your work on time and above expectations.

Magazine editors also spend a lot of time brainstorming, so I’m always coming up with new concepts to connect your idea to your audience.

I’ve worked for and with some of the best brands in the world, including Conde Nast, GAP and Hearst, and those opportunities allowed me to develop as a writer, marketer and storyteller.

Priority One is to bring your brand’s voice to life. I write like a human because you’re selling to humans. I’m a craftsman who’s always refining my process, learning more about what makes consumers tick, and testing new techniques—with the singular goal of delivering an exceptional finished product to you.

What is verbal identity?

Verbal identity is a tool, created from a customized strategy, that uses language and messaging to inform how a brand communicates with its employees, customers and stakeholders. A brand’s verbal identity brings its business to life through a distinct personality that’s clear and consistent across all online and offline touchpoints.

To stand out in today’s marketplace, a recognizable, trustworthy verbal identity is a non-negotiable. It highlights what your brand stands for, what drives you, what you want to be known for, your promise to your audience and why the should believe you.

You used to be a fashion editor. Why did you decide to relaunch your business as a “branding and copywriting studio?”

For most of my life, my dream was to work in magazines. I wanted to be a fashion editor. And everything I did—from choosing journalism as my major to starting countless blogs to find and polish my voice—was with that one goal in mind.

I was blessed to have an extraordinary career working at my dream magazine for the most brilliant editors in the industry. I sat front-row at fashion shows, went to the coolest parties and had access to the best fashion.

And I wanted to be more directly involved with the bottom line than I was in publishing. Now with my work, I can almost immediately see an emotional and commercial return on a brand’s investment in me. That’s really rewarding. And something I didn’t always experience as an editor.

But I felt like I owed it to myself to use my skills in a new way. I wanted to help business leaders, side hustlers and entrepreneurs connect with their audience through marketing and storytelling so they share their awesome products and services with the world.

What’s your process?

It depends on the project. But I focus on three areas: strategy, workflow and execution. I go into detail on each aspect on this page.

I’d like to work together. How can I reach you?

I can’t wait to hear from you! You can get in touch here. Or just shoot me an email. Whichever you prefer.