Hi, I'm Michael Jones!

I'm an entrepreneur, writer and digital storyteller. 

And as you can see from this picture, I'm also too tall to fit into Instagram's famous Mini Conference Room.

I'm the former digital style editor and "Ask Michael" columnist at Lucky, a now-defunct Condé Nast magazine. And I've worked with established and emerging brands, including ShopBAZAAR, GAP, Joyus and #blkcreatives.

That work included (but isn't limited to): writing e-commerce copy, consulting on marketing stratgey and verbal identity, and hosting in-person activations.

Now I help lifestyle brands tell customer-centered stories to sell their digital products and services. I also show entreprenuers, innovators and experts how to grow their businesses by focusing on one thing at once

There's a lot to explore on my site, so I thought I'd round up a half-dozen highlights to help you settle in:

1) Survivor or Standout: 

This essay is where it all begins for me and anyone who thinks like me. It contrasts the beliefs and behaviors of the two types of entrepreneurs and achievers and how they impact our lives and businesses.

2) The Ultimate Support System, According to The Stylish Standout

These five people are the foundation of any Stylish Standout's professional network.

3) Recommended Reading

33 (and counting!) books on writing, productivity and marketing for founders, side-hustlers and marketers.

4) Say It With Your Words:

A free eight-part guide on how to use verbal identity and messaging to connect with your audience.

5) The 5 Roadblocks That Almost Made Me Give Up On My Big Idea:

A deeply personal account of the growing pains I experienced early on and what they taught me. 

6) The Eight-Letter Word That Got Me My Dream Job:

I relocated to New York City in 2014 with a suitcase and aspirations to work at Lucky magazine. And in four months, I made it happen. And if you muster up a bit of ********, I'm convinced you can make your dream happen too.