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Hi there! I’m Michael. (And as you can see in this picture, I'm also too tall to fit in Instagram's famous Mini Conference Room.) 

After a few years as a corporate trainer, I moved to New York City from Dallas in 2014 to work in the fashion media industry. I was a digital fashion editor at Condé Nast’s Lucky until the magazine shut down. I spent my days scoping out the coolest brands and turning my discoveries into voice-infused stories for our super-savvy, shopping-obsessed readers. I also wrote a weekly style column called “Ask Michael.” It was a blast.

Now I partner with start-up, emerging and established lifestyle businesses to develop on-brand messaging that cuts through the noise. From there, I craft creative content and campaigns that turn casual visitors into very-happy customers.

So while your competitors swim in a sad sea of sameness, you’ll surge ahead of the pack and prove to the world what we both already know: You weren’t made to fit in.

Then you'll want to join me every Wednesday at 2 PM EST for The Standpoint.

During each live one-hour session, I’ll feature an exercise from the most recent of issue of The Stack and demo how to use it to:

  • Write customer-centered marketing copy that converts
  • Build creative campaigns to promote your product 
  • Incorporate brand storytelling into your business

Expect to come away each week with tools and strategies to turn more casual visitors of your business into very-happy customers.