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1) Introduce yourself.
Tell us your name, location, what you currently do, your ultimate goal, a fun fact, and where else we can find you online.

Here’s an example:

My name is Michael. I’m originally from Dallas, and currently based in New York City. I’m the founder of The Stylish Standout, a digital marketing studio. My ultimate goal is to empower everyone who experiences my brand to share their idea with the world.

Fun fact: I was once on the elevator with Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and contrary to popular belief, she didn’t ask me to get off. And I didn’t die.

You can find me at thestylishstandout.com, and on Twitter and Instagram @StylishStandout. Glad to be a part of this community!

2) Browse previous entries.
The community moves at a fast pace so you may miss a few gems throughout the day while you’re, you know, turning your dreams into reality. It’s all good. Just be sure to carve out some time each day to check out the different channels to see what your fellow members are up to.

3) Add your own.
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4) Request support.
You’re going to come across some of the smartest, stylish and most brilliant men and women around the world. We’re here to help. Because independence is an illusion. You weren’t meant to do it all by yourself. Ask for what you need. And if you have trouble doing so, this post may help.

5) And offer it too.
You’re one of the smartest, stylish and most brilliant men or women around the world. So offer your expertise, encouragement and energy. It’s definitely wanted and needed. :)


Twice a month, I host a video Q&A series called Open Mike. And I’m always accepting your questions on business, branding, personal or professional development!

Here’s what to do to submit a question:

1) Log into the All Access Slack community
2) Click the #open-mike channel under the Channels section
3) Type your question into the message bar
4) Wait patiently to see if I answer it in a future episode of Open Mike

Just a heads-up: The #open-mike channel is public. So if you prefer a bit more confidentiality, shoot me an email or send me a direct message on Slack. Your privacy is super-important to me.


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